About us

Ny Vapeology 101 is high end Vape shop that specializes in your vapor needs. Our wide ranges of e-liquid and high quality vaporizers are safe, reliable, and provide consumers for a healthier alternative to smoking.

Rather you’re a smoker or not, we here at Vapeology 101 will have something for you.  From our over 100 flavors of only American made premium E-liquid  to our quality, authentic, safe vaporizers for Vape Aficionados.

To learn more about Ny Vapeology 101 and what we sell, you could contact us via email at: Nyvapeology101@gmail.com or give us a call during business ours at 718-388-02222. If you’re in the area stop by to our Williamsburg NY location and have one of our professional Vape experts introduce you to VAPE and why it’s the future of smoke.